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An Ode to Motherhood
Made Magical

You are equal parts softness and steel,
Sultry and serene,
A complex creature
Forged in fire and tempered by waves.  

A mermaid who chooses to walk among us,
you dance to a siren song all your own
With a body that possesses mythical powers.

Peering through the bold, multifaceted lens of iridescent glasses,
You find yourself in awe
Of the changes taking shape before you
And within you. 

Whatever journey you’re on,
We’re here to remind you
That you will always be the rarest of treasures. 

Because to celebrate the wonder of carrying a child
We must first support the magic
That you and all women carry inside every day. 

And as you generously give of maternal love,
Remember just how deserving you are of self-love.

Eternally yours,
Black Pearl Beginnings™

Let the magic begin

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